National Quantum Literacy Network

The quantum network is not a future network, it is a now network that will impact the future.


A convergence of workforce disciplines focused on ​accelerating ​the United States’ ​preeminence in quantum literacy innovations and technology advancement.


Develop a diverse​, domestic quantum literate workforce for the United States, through the process of convergent taxonomies, curricula, ​training modalities, and network stakeholders to leverage the broad range of skills needed to effectively compete in the global quantum industries marketplace.

Road Map to Quantum Literacy

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The QLN creates quantum literacy roadmaps across all workforce career paths through taxonomy, curriculum, training, and network frameworks that highlight quantum’s influences on both STEM and non-STEM disciplines.

The QLN’s aim is to evolve a quantum literacy ecosystem developed with input from all, including currently unrepresented STEM demographics, organizations and institutions. This will ensure all are in the forefront of U.S. quantum literacy definition of convergence of sciences.

The quantum workforce is not a future workforce, it is a now workforce that will impact the future.


Why is Quantum Important

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Quantum Literacy Team Building

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Quantum Literacy Skills Training

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Quantum Literacy Curriculum

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Quantum Literacy Taxonomy

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Quantum Literacy Virtual Conference

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